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Bourses d'études au Japon

Des bourses d'étude d'une durée de 2ans sont offertes par l'université de Tsukuba au Japon, université sponsorisée par le Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program et le Asia Development Bank - Japan Scholarship Program. La date limite de réception des candidatures est fixée au 31 aout 2012 et la rentrée fixée au 1er avril 2013.
Plus d'informations sur le site du programme: PEPPM

To Apply, Applicants Must

    Hold a bachelor’s degree and have completed 16 years of school education (up to undergraduate level). A strong background in economics and associated quantitative tools (linear algebra, calculus and basic statistics) is useful and, in the case of the Economics Policy Course, highly recommended.
    Have at least two (and preferably four or five) years of quality full-time work experience in the public or private sector in their home or another developing country.
    Demonstrate proficiency in the use of the English language by submitting the TOEFL scores or other evidence such as a letter from the University or current working place, asdeemed appropriate by the Graduate School.
    Demonstrate verbal and quantitative skills by submitting the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores or other evidence such as a letter from the University or current working place, asdeemed appropriate by the Graduate School.
    In addition, applicants must be under 40 (35 for applicants to the ADB-Japan Scholarship Progrm, see below) years of age on August 31, 2012 and must not have studied previously at a graduate level in a developed country. Priority will be givento mid-career professionals.
    In addition, applicants read the each eligibility criteria carefully:
JJ/WBGSP (Joint Japan World BankGraduate Scholarship Program)
ADB-JSP (Asian Development Bank-JapanScholarship Program)

Some applicants who are not eligible for PEPPM and persue Economic Policy Course may want to apply for Graduate Program in Economics English Track (GPEET).  It has a separate schedule from the one of PEPPM that you should follow instruction of admission of GPEET.

 Online application and deadline
The online application procedure is to be initiated over the Internet ( with the submission of complete application forms and uploading of necessary documents, including letters of recommendation, transcripts and diplomas among others. The online application website will be closed on August 31, 2012.

* Keep in mind that IF you pass successfully the first screening you will be required to send original documents by regular mail.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  Hard copies of some of these materials are to be sent by regular mail, ONCE YOUR ARE ADVISED TO DO SO.

Other details about the application procedures are to be found in that site and more specific inquiries are welcome at